Unilorin demands for increased admission quota from jamb

Vice Chancellor of the University of Ilorin, Professor Abdulganiyu Ambali, has told newsmen that the institution, has written letter to the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (Jamb), requesting for an increase in its admission quota.
Ambali disclosed that the institution, wrote to JAMB through the National Universities Commission (NUC) after its admission quota for 2015/2016 session was reduced.
He also said the university has the capacity to admit more students than it is allocated because of its improved facilities and programmes.
” The university has more facilities, more academic programmes, more good lecturers, more patronage in terms of candidates, and other needed infrastructures that can accommodate more students,” Ambali said.

Hope at last: Davido’s father university, discovers cure for Liver disease

The Dean, Faculty of Sciences of the Adeleke University, Ede, Prof. Temitope Oyedepo, has said that the university has discovered that the

mixture of omi ogi and lemon has a great potency to cure liver problems.

Omi ogi is the fermented water on the paste-like substance derived from blended maize. Oyedepo said this in an interview with our
Punch correspondent in Osogbo last Monday.

While claiming that the university had made a lot of contributions to science, the don added that research was ongoing to know if the solution
could also treat high blood pressure and blood glucose.

“We have carried out studies on extracts of local plants to establish their authenticity in treating cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer. We are currently carrying our research on omi ogi and lemon. This
protects and cleans up the liver even when it is already infected.

“We are still going further to see its effects on high blood pressure and if it can lower blood glucose. It would be great if it can cure these two conditions also,” she said.

Results for the June/July Neco exams released. As students record 16% credit pass in Maths and English.

Neco candidates : Credit vanguard

The National Examination Council (NECO) has released the June/July 2015 results with improvement of 16 per cent in credits in English and Mathematics.

The NECO Registrar, Prof. Abdulrashid Garba, who announced the results on Thursday in Minna, said that 68.56 per cent of candidates got more than five credits this year.

He said that the 2015 result was an improvement on 2014 when 52.29 got above five credits.

Garba said that 969,491 sat for the examination out of the 969,991 candidates that registered.

He said that 0.11 per cent cases of malpractice were recorded, adding that the results of candidates involved have been cancelled.

The registrar said that the council was able to sustain its timely release of results in less than 60 days from the date the last paper was written.
“The  NECO 2015 examinations result was released within 60 days after the final paper. This shows a great success achieved by the council.

“Lists of schools which were involved in examination malpractice have been blacklisted and the results of students who wrote in such centres have been cancelled,” he said.

Garba called on candidates who sat for the examination to access  NECO  2015 results on the Website http://www.mynecoexams.com.

Source: (NAN)

Senior secondary schools in kaduna, set to be offered tablets to facilitate E-learning

Comissioner for education in Kaduna state Dr Adamu Danfulani, on Tuesday, said in the quest to facilitate E-Learning across the state, the state Government, will distribute customized tablets to Senior Secondary School Students across the state.

Dr Adamu, made this commitment in a public lecture that was organized by the Faculty of education in the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the theme of the pubic lecture, is “Development of
Capacity to Demand and Supply Evidence for Education Policy and Practice in Nigeria”.

The commissioner who was represented by the Permanent secretary, Ministry of Education, Alhaji Shehu Rabilu-Ibrahim, noted that the customized tablets to be distributed, will be thoroughly modified to contain all senior secondary school textbooks.

“All senior secondary school textbooks will be in the tablets to ease learning process, but parents
should not panic.

“The tablets have no social media and it had already been customised.

“The state government will also supply all the necessary textbooks to other categories of students apart from rehabilitation of schools and
supply of furniture to schools,” he said.

Danfulani described Ministry of Education and Faculty of Education in universities as two parts of a body belonging to one person. He said that if a finger was affected the entire body becomes affected.

Source – The Guardian

Maximizing Cassava usage to meet our domestic need.

It is no longer news that in Nigeria, farming, is the most common source of employment. As various categories of people ranging from old to young, small to big, healthy and sick, in one way or the other partake in farming exercises.

The products gotten from the farm, has gone a long way in sustaining the livelihood of a common Nigeria man. Some of those products are sold, used at home, and some in factories and various companies across Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

Today I’ll be giving out a little inside knowledge on one of the farm product called cassava.

As most of us, know, cassava is one of the commonly cultivated farm product in Nigeria. As its produce, can be used for various purpose like industrially and domestically.

Recently, Dangote group of companies, started the production of breads baked with cassava.

Thou, the initiative to use cassava flour as an alternative to wheat flour in making of bread, came into play in Nigeria in 2003 under the regime of former president Olusegun Obasanjo, the discovery later went down. Due to lack of proper funding and follow up programme.

But the out-gone administration of Goodluck Jonathan, tried to revive the programme, but little attention was paid to it by private investors. It’ll be seen if President Buhari will bring it up again. As Agriculture seems to be the main focal point of his present administration.

Now enough talk. Let’s go into business. I’ve decided to drop the little I know on how to use the Cassava product. You can use the comment box below this post to add yours or correct mine.

Domestic uses of Cassava

1. Making of Garri : I was shocked when someone asked me what was used in making of Garri. At first, I thought he was joking, but he became more persistent, only then did I know that he actually does not know. So I decided to include it in this article exclusively for http://www.alabainfo.com members and fans.

How to use cassava to produce garri.

To use cassava to produce garri, follow this simple step below.

Steps to produce garri with cassava

1. After harvesting your cassava, pill off the cover, to get the actual cassava product.

2. Wash the pilled cassava product with clean water,

3. Take it to a cassava grinding machine, after grinding, put it inside a bagco bag to allow water to drain off. After the water has drained off,

4. Filter the dry-granded cassava product to enable you to separate the shaft.

5. After filtering, fry it inside a dry pan, pot, or whatever suits you.

After this process, you’ll get your garri product for consumption and sale.

How to produce Apku(Loi Loi) using Cassava

Next up is Apku, Loiloi, fufu or whatever name you call it.

To make Akpu using cassava, follow the simple procedure below.


This is the method I know, they are many ways of doing it. If you have yours, kindly drop it below using the comment form below this post.

1. After harvesting, pill off the cover.

2. Unlike garri, were you have to grind, just soak your pilled cassava product in a big bowl with water filled to the top of the bowl.

3. Leave the cassava soaked for say two to three (2-3) days.

4. Check after three days to see if its soften up. If yes, remove the cassava from the bowl, use a filter to scatter the cassava so it becomes watery.

5. After scattering, put it inside a bag, and allow the water in it to drain off. Once its drain off,

6. Remove and cook. When you feel that the cooking is done, use your mortar to pound to make it soft.

Then its ready to be served. Hope its simple and helpful?
Drop your questions, suggestions etc in the comment form below.

Importance of regular exercise to a human body

Most people in Nigeria, does not know how important it is to do exercise regularly and on a daily basis. In most cases, if you call an average Nigeria man, and or woman, to join you in doing any form of exercise, they easily get Beat up, shy or dodges away, so that they won’t have to partake in your exercising scheme of work, as they do not want anything that will trouble their body or mind.

This, affects the growth, livelihood and longetivity of an average Nigerian and African man.

Today, I’ll try to give us some little importance of regular exercise to the average Nigerian man, how it can make him live longer, healthier in this world.

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1. It makes the flow of blood swift and accurate :- its obvious that most people does not know that regular exercise, makes the blood to circulate around the body freely. And once your blood streams are functioning actively, you’re very certain of having a healthy life, and skin. So i will advice you today, if you want a healthy life and skin tone, try to do exercises regularly.

2. Pro-longs life :- Well this one might sound a bit off, as most Africans are made to believe that only God can prolong a mans life. Well its true that a mans stay on earth, is in the hands of God, but I’ll tell you today that if you play your part expertly by taking part in regular exercise, you’ll discover that some health issues like sickness, will run away from you, at such making your stay in life a bit longer than supposed.

3. It keeps the brain active:- Well you might not have known this, regular exercise keeps the brain active, and fresh. So I’ll advice, after a days work, find out time to do one or two forms of exercises. That alone gives you the mental preparedness to take on the job that awaits you the next day in office.

4. Keeps the body in shape:- Regular exercise, burns fat, and makes sure that your body structure is always in good shape. Doing exercises regularly is the best way to make sure your body is always in shape, and does not go out of shape.

5. The final importance I’ll write about in this article, is that it keeps your marital life actively happy:- Well its no longer news that at least 90% of marriages in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, collapse due to the inability of a partner to satisfy or meet the demands of the other partner in the bedroom, which often results in most cases of divorce. Let me tell you this, if you’re able to keep your partner happy, i dont see any reason why he or she has to be Infidel.

Want to know how to be active with your partner? Its simple. Just start doing some light form of exercises and rate your performance with your partner now, and before. You’ll come to realise how important it is to do exercise.

I hope this was really helpful. Don’t forget to always visit http://www.Alabainfo.com for more updates